Vixen Pin Up Photography Testimonials

I am the type of person that usually runs away from the camera but as soon as I heard about vixen pin-up photography, I knew I had to do this ! I thought this was the best anniversary present for my husband. Nikki and Candy made me feel so comfortable and right at home. I have never felt so beautiful in my life. This  was one of the best experiences of my life and will never forget it. Thank you so much
Kristen Martin


I had the opportunity to shoot with vixen photography as a 40th birthday gift from my best friends. I had no idea what I was getting into so I was very nervous. I was so scared that I fainted and threw my back out on the morning of the shoot. Nikki and Candy were so concerned and still met with me to talk me through the process even though I could not do shoot that day. They made me feel so comfortable, relived all anxiety, and set another appointment with me. When the day came I had no feelings of nervousness at all. These girls brought out all the confidence, sexiness, & bombshell in me that I had forgotten about. They made me look like a movie star and I can't wait to go back. I recommend vixen photography as a confidence boost for every girl.

Sherry Gingell


In my normal life there is very little glamor. Partly by necessity and partly because I never thought glamor would look good on me.  I went to Vixen because I wanted to find out what it would be like, and if I even could be a glamor girl for a day. I can safely say that Nikki and Candy made me a believer in my inner pin up goddess.  Not only is she in there, but she is a stone cold fox.   If you are thinking about going to Vixen stop thinking and book. You will love the experience of shooting as much as you will love the awesome photos you'll have.

Ashley Hutton


I got so much more from my photo shoot with Vixen Pin Up Photography than just beautiful portraits.  First, it was incredibly fun-- from playing dress up with their gorgeous wardrobe choices, getting pampered with amazing makeup and hair styling, I felt like a care free kid for the day.  Second, I got a huge confidence boost-- Nikki and Candy are so talented in making  a girl  look and feel beautiful, the confidence lingers far after the photo shoot is over.  Finally I got the power of truly knowing that I am a sexy woman!  Love, Love, Love Vixen Pin-Up Photography, and can't wait to do it again!

Devyn Lundy

My 1st experience working with Vixen Pin-up Photography was wonderful.  Their set was gorgeous and Nikki & Candy were both very fun to work with.  I almost immediately booked a full day session with them afterwards!  They really pulled out all the stops to shoot me in lots of fabulous settings.  They are also wonderful about promoting the professional models that they work with and that means a lot to me!  If you have the opportunity to work with them, DO IT!  You'll end up feeling gorgeous and having fantastic photos!

Apple Nicole Angel, professional pin-up and burlesque performer


I was asked to shoot with Vixen Pin-Up Photography and I couldn't have asked for a better Hostess. Nikki and Candy really went out of their way to make me feel like part of their family. Once I arrived at the Studio we went through all the clothing options and trying on the clothing to see what would fit and work best for each set along with hair and makeup ideas. I know that it can be nerve racking walking into a studio with a photographer that you have never shot with before especially if it's your first time doing a photo shoot. These  two ladies go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. And by the time your hair, makeup is done and you're dressed you'll be ready to go. They are great at listening to your ideas and tweaking them to make it an outstanding photo. If you haven't booked with Vixen Pin-Up Photography then you should definitely check it out and tell your girlfriends. You won't be disappointed.

Miss Simone Velvet


The ladies at Vixen Pinup Photography are true professionals! They made me feel like the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world. Nikki truly has an eye for this genre and she knows exactly how to photograph you to emphasize your assets. Candy is phenomenal as well, and she uses her amazing talent with makeup to transform you into that glamorous pinup girl. Every experience I've had with them has been wonderful, and I can't wait to come back!

Brittany Risher

Nikki and Candy are the two best ladies to know! They can transform you
into a bombshell within minutes! Regardless of your age, weight,
confidence, once you see yourself all dolled up, you can't help but
blush when you look in the mirror!!

Melissa Evans
Owner of Retro Vixen Boutique

Vixen Pinup Photography reminded me that I am a sexy momma AND was able
to make me look totally hot in a shapeless mechanic jumpsuit! It's more
than taking a sexy pic in a classic pose. It's the positive support
and encouragement during the shoot that makes it a great experience

Teri Myo
Owner of Myo Massage

The professional gals of Vixen Pin-up Photography know just how to make any photo shoot a dynamite experience. Using their incredible ability to capture detail and bring out your best physical attributes, these ladies are able to make you feel like a supersonic mama as soon as you are opposite the lens. The finished product is something that will surely leave you feeling confident, sexy, and classic. Nikki and Candy have got talent!

Megan Creggar

Vixen Pinup Photography is my absolute photographer of choice for my portraits and promotional materials. Nikki and Candy have an uncanny ability to know exactly what I'm envisioning and then they elevate it to an even greater level. The gals really listen and will move mountains to achieve a blend of their vision and mine in just the right measure. We've had several shoots together, and I have never heard them say "can't". I love Vixen!

Annie Cherry
Kansas City's Burlesque Chanteuse
also half of 'Annie Cherry and Artemus Vulgaris' (the left half)

My husband gave me a Vixen photo shoot for my birthday. It was the most fun birthday I've ever had! Two of my best girlfriends joined me, and it was like playing dress-up, but with corsets and wine. Nikki and Candy achieved exactly the look I was going for--I felt like a real model for a day. Two months later, I still feel sexier than before, and my personal style becomes a little more retro every day.

Kelly Von Lunen

I took part in one of Vixen Retro Photography's Pinup 101 classes and it was so much fun. Nikki, Candy and their guest speakers provided a lot of information that not only helped create beautiful photos, but that I can use every day to feel a little more glamorous.
Thank you!
S. Crowe Photography

I have spent most of my life trying to hide whenever someone was taking pictures, at least until my first encounter with the ladies at Vixen Pin-Up. Nikki and Candy made me feel so beautiful and confidant and I could hardly even believe that the person in the amazing photographs was me. Besides being amazingly caring women who immediately put you at ease, the talent of these two is beyond compare. Vixen Pinup Photography has helped to give me an amazing boost of self-confidence that goes beyond far beyond "looks".

Katie Marchman
Owner of Brody's Bakery


As a sexy thick woman I went in to Vixen a little nervous but, the ladies made me feel beautiful! I got these pictures done for my husband but by the end of the shoot I realized these were done for me! Nikki and Candy are so fun to work with and made me feel so special. I will be back again to take more photos and every chance I get I tell people about them! I would recommend a photo shoot to any woman, any size and any age! My pictures were amazing!! Thanks ladies!!

Savanna McCurry